FFT spectral subtraction - noise removal

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Wojciech on 30 Sep 2014
Answered: Elif Ezgi GÜLER on 19 Nov 2021
I have a problem with basic of FFT subtraction. I have signal 80 seconds of recording with microphone - I have signal with birds singing and noise coming from forest. First 10 seconds of my recording is only noise - what I am trying to do is to eliminate it from whole signal. What I am doing now is:
1) Creating mean Noise_FFT from 8 seconds (I receive 8 spectra without overlapping, and then I average them)
FFT_noise(1:8,:)= fft(x()); % creating 8 times different fft from noise
2) I obtain FFT_mean_noise – fft mask that I would like to eliminate from my signal
for i=1:length(FFT_noise(:,1))
% below I am subtracting FFT_mean_noise from fft(signal) - second by second
for i = Indeks
index = index+1;
FFT_signal = fft(x((i:i+window_length-1),1)); % compute Fourier transform from original signal
FFT_denoise = FFT_signal- FFT_mean_noise; % spectra substration
Signal_without_noise((i:i+window_length-1),1) = real(ifft(FFT_denoise)); %going into time domain
% at the and I am creating FFT from one second of signal with and without noise – there is rather no difference.
FFT_signal_without_noise=abs(fft(Signal_without_noise(one second),NFFT)/L) ;
FFT_dB_ signal_without_noise =20*log10(FFT_signal_without_noise /0.00002);
FFT_orginal_signal=abs(fft(x((one second),1),NFFT)/L);
FFT_dB_ orginal_signal =20*log10(FFT_orginal_signal /0.00002);
plot(f, FFT_dB_ signal_without_,'b', 'Linewidth',1)
hold on;
plot(f, FFT_dB_ orginal_signal,'green', 'Linewidth',1)
What am I doing in wrong way during subtracting? I found Boll method on File Exchange and it works very well, but I would like to create something like that on my way.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Sep 2014
Why does the 1:8 change from the first index in step 1 to the second index in step 2? Plus, FFT_mean_noise(i,1) = FFT_mean_noise(i). And what is Indeks? And what is the purpose of index=index+1? You never use index. And length(FFT_noise(:,1)) is the same as size(FFT_noise, 1). Other stuff is wrong too. Why don't you attach your data and m-file so people can try to fix it?

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Elif Ezgi GÜLER
Elif Ezgi GÜLER on 19 Nov 2021
Here in this problem, what is the Fs(sampling freq.)?
Each sample does not correspond to each second.

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