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I get a lot of license messages like the following ones. Is that a problem, or is that normal? It seems like most users do not experience problems, but some still claim, that they do not get a license. The only stuff I actually can see that is strange are the following messages in debug.log.
I use a freshly installed License Manager 2021b on Windows Server 2016
18:43:41 (MLM) UNSUPPORTED: "MATLAB" (CF738[long number]) user@computer (No such feature exists. (-5,346))
18:43:41 (MLM) OUT: "MATLAB" user@computer
Can anybody tell me whther this is a problem? Or what I could check?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Oct 2021
Over at I find an indication that -5,346 might be related to having a LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable that is pointing to a bad license file.
However over at I see something about files possibly not being "fully trusted". I do not recall ever having seen that sort of language with respect to flexlm / flexera licenses.
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Matthias Weyl
Matthias Weyl on 21 Oct 2021
Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately I can not see a LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variables, and the services all start with the approriate rights.
The messages seems to become fewer now. So it might be, that this is an error that comes from updating the License Server itself!?
Well, I will watch my logs and will come back here if something else strange happens.

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