How to reward after one simulation.

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ryunosuke tazawa
ryunosuke tazawa on 15 Oct 2021
I have a simple pendulum throw a ball and perform reinforcement learning so that the error from the target point becomes small.
The reward is the error (minus absolute value error between the target point and the arrival point of the sphere).
Instead of giving a reward (error) in all states, I want to give only the one with the smallest error (error is close to 0).
In other words, one simulation → calculate the error (reward) when throwing the ball in all observed states → give only the value with the smallest error as a reward.
I want to do it like this. Is there a way?
% Difine of step function
function [NextObservation, Reward, IsDone, LoggedSignals] = myStepfunction(Action,LoggedSignals,SimplePendulum)
global RR
for i=1:200
statePre = [-2*pi/3;0];
statePre(1) = SimplePendulum.Theta;
statePre(2) = SimplePendulum.AngularVelocity;
IsDone = false;
% updating states
state = [-2*pi/3;0];
state(1) = SimplePendulum.Theta;
state(2) = SimplePendulum.AngularVelocity;
% cariclation of error (reward)
Ball_Target = 20;
Ball_Distance = Ballfunction(SimplePendulum);
R = -abs(Ball_Distance -Ball_Target);
teststep(R) % get the Error (reward) in all observed states
if (state(2) > 0) || (SimplePendulum.Y_Position < 0) %|| (abs(state(2)) > 10)
IsDone = true;
[InitialObservation, LoggedSignal] = myResetFunction(SimplePendulum);
LoggedSignal.State = [-pi ; 0];
InitialObservation = LoggedSignal.State;
state = InitialObservation;
SimplePendulum.Theta =-2*pi/3;
SimplePendulum.AngularVelocity = 0;
if IsDone == true
[M,I] = max(RR)
LoggedSignals.State = state;
NextObservation = LoggedSignals.State;
Reward = max(RR); % Gives the smallest error (reward)

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