How to find package functions that are shadowed?

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per isakson
per isakson on 11 Oct 2021
I'm missing something.
It is possible to have several package functions with identical fully qualified names, e.g. p1.test, on the search path. The statement
which( 'p1.test', '-all' )
should be the way to discover shadowed package functions. However, I fail to make that work. This script below illustrates my problem. which() finds only one of the two p1.test
addpath( cd )
mkdir( cd, '+p1' );
mkdir( fullfile(cd,'f1'), '+p1' );
str2txt( fullfile(cd,'+p1','test.m'), '% test' );
str2txt( fullfile(cd,'f1','+p1','test.m'), '% test' );
cd ..
which( 'p1.test', '-all' )
/users/mss.system.iBN0QN/f1/+p1/test.m % static method or package function
function str2txt( ffs, str )
fid = fopen( ffs, 'wt' );
fprintf( fid, '%s', str );
fclose( fid );

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