C Caller does not show port specification?

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SimTec on 13 Sep 2021
as You can see C caller does not show Port specification of the c code of the MatLab video shown here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONrb_UYTWYs&ab_channel=MATLAB
#ifndef HEADER_H_
#define HEADER_H_
// Global Variable
extern double gVec[5];
extern double sum;
extern void cumulativeAdder(void);
source code
#include "header.h"
double gVec[5];
double sum = 0;
void cumulativeAdder(void){
int idx = 0, tmpSum = 0;
for(; idx < 5, ++idx){
tmpSum = tmpSum + gVec[idx); // Function reads "gVec" as INPUT
sum = tmpSum; //Function writes to "sum" as OUTPUT

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