Extracting natural frequencies and mode shapes from a Simscape Multibody model

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I currently have a Simscape Multibody model of a system that I am using as means for validation. I am trying to extract the system's modal properties such as eigenvalues to compute natural frequencies and eigenvectors to compute mode shapes however I am not too sure how to go abouts doing this.
I have read in previous posts about this that Simscape Multibody solves the equations of motions under the hood in a 'blackbox' that is unavailable to the user however with Simscape ver 2019a (what I am using) can I ask for help if this is now possible, for example if there is a block I should be using?
Many Thanks

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J Chen
J Chen on 3 Sep 2021
You probably can linerarize your Simscape model and calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

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