Compatibility of standalones created with previous version of Matlab & Compiler with Windows10 -20H2 Operating system

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I have created some standalone executables wayback in R2009b bundled with MCR4.11. I had no issues in installing & running them in various Windows OS till Windows10 - 1909 . However, with the current Windows10 - 20H2 version, the standalone applications does not seem to be working. May I kindly know whether there are any workarounds for the same? Thanks.
Murugan Jeyaselvan
Murugan Jeyaselvan on 9 May 2022
I was surprised to hear that you have compatability issues between Windows10Ver1909 to Windows10Ver20H2? Looks like there is some issue of compiler in Matlab with Windows10Ver20H2 .. Probably some MVP should be able to provide more info or workaround for this?
In a previous query, it was indicated that Windows version compatability is required in addition to Matlab compiler version compatability. However, this is not practical, as we cannot be generating new compileed programs with every updates of Windows!

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