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Find a column of Z direction in 3D model

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Sara am 19 Aug. 2021
Kommentiert: Sara am 20 Aug. 2021
I am working on the 3D model. what I want to do is find a columns in Z direction.
So I can find the xy postions by using ginput function but I do not know how to find all positns postions in Z direction for xy poriton that I select.
filename = uigetfile('*.*')
A = importdata (filename);
symbole = A.textdata(:,1);
x0 =,1);
y0 =,2);
z0 =,3);
% view([0 0 1]);axis equal;
xlabel('x'); ylabel('y');zlabel('z')
G1 = ginput;
plot3(G1(1,1),G1(1,2),z0,'o', 'color','k');
As you can see I want to use xy postions that I obtained by using ginput to plot the z-direction coordinates for this specific xy.
what I get from that is code is NOT shown me right plot of z- dreiction in selected xy
I attached a txt file contains coordnates of xyz. I obtained this xyz coordinates from using VESTA.

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DGM am 20 Aug. 2021
Idk if this is more what you're after:
A = importdata('magnetite_DATA_1.txt');
symbole = A.textdata(:,1);
x0 =,1);
y0 =,2);
z0 =,3);
xlabel('x'); ylabel('y'); zlabel('z')
% do selection in 2D
view(2); axis equal; hold on
G1 = ginput;
% find the samples near G1
m = any(sqrt((x0-G1(:,1).').^2 + (y0-G1(:,2).').^2)<=0.65,2);
plot3(x0(m),y0(m),z0(m),'o', 'color','k');
view(3) % switch back to 3D
This example shows two columns selected
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Sara am 20 Aug. 2021
Thank you for your answer,
Your code is working :)

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