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How to variably name a loaded file from matrix cells

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M on 31 Dec 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
SI = ['MD' 'RA' 'FA' 'e1' 'e2' 'e3' 'SK' 'LA' 'AA' 'VR' 'DV' 'Cl' 'Cp' 'Cs']; %Scalar Indices
CA = ['Otsu' 'K-means' 'EM' 'ICM' 'FCM']; %Clustering Algo
for i=1:5
for j=1:15
if (j<10)
fname = ['..\Data_Out\', CA(i),'_',SI(j), '_0', j,'.DAT'];
fname = ['..\Data_Out\', CA(i),'_',SI(j), '_', j,'.DAT'];
File_XX = fopen(fname);
File_SI = File_XX;
IMG = fread(File_SI, '*float');
IMG = reshape(IMG,256,256,50);
I know my problem is pretty naive, but I don't know how to fix it.
I have the above mentioned code and the variable loading loading file doesn't want to work, although it worked with other people.
Any ideas??
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Jan on 31 Dec 2013
CA = ['Otsu' 'K-means' 'EM' 'ICM' 'FCM'];
This will not produce, what you expect. It creates the string:
CA = 'OtsuK-meansEMICMFCM'
Use a cell string, if you want to store a list of strings. See help cell.

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