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Build DMG PPDUs by using the waveform generator function.

Waveform Generator

Create an DMG configuration object.

dmg = wlanDMGConfig
dmg = 
  wlanDMGConfig with properties:

                        MCS: '0'
             TrainingLength: 0
                 PSDULength: 1000
    ScramblerInitialization: 2
                 Turnaround: 0

Generate the DMG PPDU. The length of the input data sequence in bits must be 8 times the length of the PSDU, which is expressed in bytes. Turn off windowing.

psdu = randi([0 1],dmg.PSDULength*8,1);
tx = wlanWaveformGenerator(psdu,dmg,'WindowTransitionTime',0);

The waveform has MCS=0, which is single carrier and DBPSK modulated. Plot the constellation of the waveform.


Figure Scatter Plot contains an axes object. The axes object with title Scatter plot contains an object of type line. This object represents Channel 1.

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