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Lock status of USRP radio to 10 MHz clock signal

Since R2021a



    refLocked = referenceLockedStatus(radio) returns the lock status of the specified USRP™ radio to the 10 MHz clock signal of either an external clock source or a GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO). radio is the USRP radio hardware associated with the SDRu System object™.


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    Create an SDRu receiver System object with these specified properties.

    radioRx = comm.SDRuReceiver(...
                        'Platform','X300/X310', ...
                        'IPAddress','', ...
                        'MasterClockRate',200e6, ...
                        'Gain',8, ...
                        'CenterFrequency',2.45e9, ...

    Set the clock source to be the 10 MHz clock signal from a GPSDO.

    radioRx.ClockSource = 'GPSDO';

    Get the lock status of the USRP radio to the 10 MHz clock signal.

    lockedStatus = referenceLockedStatus(radioRx)

    Input Arguments

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    USRP radio, specified as a comm.SDRuTransmitter or comm.SDRuReceiver System object. This radio must be connected to the host computer.

    When you use the referenceLockedStatus function, you must set the ClockSource property of this System object to 'GPSDO' or 'External'.

    Output Arguments

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    Lock status of the USRP radio to the 10 MHz clock signal, returned as 0 or 1.

    Data Types: logical

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a

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