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readall (MDFDatastore)

Read all data in MDF datastore



data = readall(mdfds) reads all the data in the datastore specified by mdfds and returns it to timetable data.

After the readall function returns all the data, it resets mdfds to point to the beginning of the datastore.

If all the data in the datastore does not fit in memory, then readall returns an error.


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Read all the data from a multiple file MDF datastore into a timetable.

mdfds = mdfDatastore({'CANape1.MF4','CANape2.MF4','CANape3.MF4'});
data = readall(mdfds); 

Input Arguments

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MDF datastore, specified as an MDF datastore object.

Example: mdfds = mdfDatastore('CANape.MF4')

Output Arguments

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Output data, returned as a timetable of MDF records.

Introduced in R2017b