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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Recognize text using optical character recognition

Recognizing text in images is a common task performed in computer vision applications. For example, you can capture video from a moving vehicle to alert a driver about a road sign. Segmenting out the text from a cluttered scene helps with related tasks such as optical character recognition (OCR).

The OCR Language Data support files contain pretrained language data files from the OCR Engine page, Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine, to use with the ocr function. You can download the additional language files using either the visionSupportPackages function or the Add-on Explorer. For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons.

For procedures and examples, see Install OCR Language Data Files.


OCR TrainerTrain an optical character recognition model to recognize a specific set of characters


ocrRecognize text using optical character recognition
ocrTextObject for storing OCR results
visionSupportPackagesStart installer to download, install, or uninstall Computer Vision Toolbox data


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