Design Frame-Based Algorithms

Workflow Overview

With this support package, you can import live video frames from the Zynq® device into a Simulink® model. You can then design and verify frame-based algorithms using Computer Vision Toolbox™ blocks. The model templates for frame-based algorithms help you get started. To open a template, see Create Model Using Simulink Templates.

Each template has three shaded areas:

  • Source — Contains the video data sources for your model. The Video Capture block provides live camera data or a test pattern from the hardware device. Alternatively, you can select a data file input.

  • Algorithm — Contains the subsystem where you design your algorithms. This subsystem can include ports for physical board signals. It can also include ports connected to AXI-Lite registers, which you can control from the ARM® processor.

  • Display — Contains the display and evaluation of the results of the video processing algorithm.

After you are satisfied with the results of the video processing in Simulink, you can convert all or part of the algorithm to a pixel-streaming design targeted to the FPGA. See Design Pixel-Streaming Algorithms for Hardware Targeting.

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