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Install Support for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors

Before you install the software, if you install the Texas Instruments™ (TI) Code Composer Studio™ on Windows®, then, make sure that:

  • You have administrator privileges.

  • You have set the User Account Control (UAC) settings to the lowest level.

  • You install in a folder other than Program Files.

Using this installation process, you can download and install the following items on your host computer:

  • Support for Texas Instruments C2000 processors and its features.

  • Simulink® block library Embedded Coder® Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000™ Processors.

  • Examples that show you how to use the Texas Instruments C2000 processor.

Install, Update, or Uninstall Support Package

Install Support Package

  1. On the MATLAB® Home tab, in the Environment section, select Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

  2. In the Add-On Explorer window, click the support package and then click Install.

Update Support Package

On the MATLAB Home tab, in the Resources section, select Help > Check for Updates.

Uninstall Support Package

  1. On the MATLAB Home tab, in the Environment section, click Add-Ons > Manage Add-Ons.

  2. In the Add-On Manager window, find and click the support package, and then click Uninstall.

Hardware Setup

Hardware boards and devices supported by MathWorks® require additional configuration and setup steps to connect to MATLAB and Simulink. Each support package provides a hardware setup process that guides you through registering, configuring, and connecting to your hardware board.

If the support package is already installed, you can start the hardware setup by opening the Add-On Manager.

In the Add-On Manager, start the hardware setup process by clicking the Setup button, .

After starting, the Hardware Setup window provides instructions for configuring the support package to work with your hardware.

Follow the instructions on each page of the Hardware Setup window. When the hardware setup process completes, you can open the examples to get familiar with the product and its features.

Install Code Composer Studio

The C2000 support package supports CCS v3.3 and the later versions. However, CCS v3.3 does not support auto-download feature.

Install the Code Composer Studio (CCS) version that supports your hardware board. For example, install CCS v6 or later versions to work on Texas Instruments C2000 F2807x, Texas Instruments C2000 F2837xD, and Texas Instruments C2000 F2837xS processors and install CCS v9 and later versions to work on Texas Instruments C2000 F2838x

For more information related to CCS versions supported for MATLAB, see Supported Third-Party Tools for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors

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