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Return MATLAB structure containing property settings of object or array of objects


propList = thisObject.get(prop)


The get method returns and displays a MATLAB® structure containing the settings for the specified property of this object. If no property is specified, the settings for all properties are returned.

The get method is also vectorized so that it returns an m-by-n cell array of values for an array of m objects and an array of n properties.



The object for which to get specified property.


Name of property (e.g., 'FontSize') to get value for. Can also be an array of properties (see return propList below). If no property is specified, a list of all properties is returned.



MATLAB structure listing the properties of this object. Can also be an m by n cell array of values if thisObject is an array of m objects and prop is an array of n properties.


State A is represented by the State object sA.

The following command lists the properties of state A:


The following command returns a handle to a MATLAB structure of the properties of state A to the workspace variable Aprops:

Aprops = sA.get
Introduced before R2006a