Entities in an SoC Blockset Model

Entities are discrete items of interest in a discrete-event simulation. By definition, these items are called entities in the SoC Blockset™. Entities can pass from memory blocks, such as the Memory Channel or Memory Controller block, to processor blocks, such as the Stream Read or Task Manager block during a simulation. Entities can carry data, information, messages, and signals through a system.

Visualize Entities

Entities do not appear explicitly in the model window. A graphical block can represent a component that processes entities, but entities themselves do not have a graphical representation. However, you can gather information about entities using Simulink® scopes. You cannot branch an entity connection line.

Generators and Terminators

In the SoC Blockset, many blocks that can produce entities, known as Generators, and consume entities, known as Terminators. A entity generator and terminator require matching data types to pass entities. This table shows the matched pairs of generator and terminator blocks.