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Simulate with Recorded I/O Data

Simulate SoC application models with IO data recorded from previous simulations or from hardware IO devices

Run Simulink® models containing I/O device blocks. Record signal data from I/O devices on an SoC device or other hardware boards connected to your host computer. Use recorded signal data in I/O device blocks to simulate your SoC application with real-world data.


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IO Data SourcePlay back recorded data
IO Data SinkRecord, output, or terminate input message
AXI4 Master SinkReceive random access memory data
AXI4 Master SourceGenerate random access memory data
Stream Data SinkReceive continuous stream data
Stream Data SourceGenerate continuous stream data
Video Test SinkReceive continuous video stream data
Video Test SourceGenerate continuous video stream data


socHardwareBoardConnection to SoC hardware board
soc.iosourceInput source on SoC hardware board
soc.recorderData recording session for specified SoC hardware board
socFileReaderFile reader


Record Data from Hardware I/O Devices

Connect and record I/O device data from network attached hardware boards.

Use Memory and I/O Device Data in Processor Simulation

Use memory and I/O device data in SoC Blockset™ processor model simulations.

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