Customize Model Advisor Check for Nondefault Block Attributes

You can customize the list of nondefault block parameters that are flagged by the Model Advisor MAAB check Check for nondefault block attributes (mathworks.maab.db_0140).

  1. In the Model Advisor, select Settings > Open Configuration Editor.

  2. Use the Find field to search for check ID db_0140. The Model Advisor Configuration Editor window displays the check Check for nondefault block attributes.

  3. To enable editing of the parameter list, on the right pane, select Input Parameters > Standard > Custom.

  4. In the table, use the Parameter cell to edit the default parameter value for the block type . The parameters are separated with spaces.

  5. Delete or add a parameter name that corresponds to the BlockType. For example, to remove the rounding method parameter from the check for each gain block, find Gain under BlockType. Under Parameter, delete the parameter name RndMeth. Check ID: mathworks.maab.db_0140 no longer checks for the display of nondefault rounding methods from gain blocks’ annotations.

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