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ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter class

Package: ModelAdvisor

(To be removed) Add list view parameters to custom checks

ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter will be removed.

Use hyperlinks in the Model Advisor results to view and modify model elements that are being flagged by the Model Advisor check instead. For more information on the recommended workflow for authoring custom checks, see Fix a Model to Comply with Conditions that You Specify with the Model Advisor and Create and Deploy a Model Advisor Custom Configuration.


The Model Advisor uses list view parameters to populate the Model Advisor Result Explorer. Access the information in list views by clicking Explore Result in the Model Advisor window.


ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameterAdd list view parameters to custom checks


AttributesAttributes to display in Model Advisor Report Explorer
DataObjects in Model Advisor Result Explorer
NameDrop-down list entry


The following example is a fragment of code from a check definition function. The example does not execute as shown without the full check definition function.

mdladvObj = Simulink.ModelAdvisor.getModelAdvisor(system);

% define list view parameters
myLVParam = ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter;
myLVParam.Name = 'Invalid font blocks'; % the name appeared at pull down filter
myLVParam.Data = get_param(searchResult,'object')';
myLVParam.Attributes = {'FontName'}; % name is default property

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2021b