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matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect class

Package: matlab.system.mixin

Nondirect feedthrough mixin class

The matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect mixin will be removed in a future release. You no longer need to inherit from this mixin in your System object. The associated methods have been moved to the matlab.System class.


matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect is a class that uses the output and update methods to process nondirect feedthrough data through a System object™.

For System objects that use direct feedthrough, the object’s input is needed to generate the output at that time. For these direct feedthrough objects, running the System object calculates the output and updates the state values. For nondirect feedthrough, however, the object’s output depends only on the internal states at that time. The inputs are used to update the object states. For these objects, calculating the output with outputImpl is separated from updating the state values with updateImpl. If you use the matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect mixin and include the stepImpl method in your class definition file, an error occurs. In this case, you must include the updateImpl and outputImpl methods instead.

The following cases describe when System objects in Simulink® use direct or nondirect feedthrough.

  • System object supports code generation and does not inherit from the Propagates mixin — Simulink automatically infers the direct feedthrough settings from the System object code.

  • System object supports code generation and inherits from the Propagates mixin — Simulink does not automatically infer the direct feedthrough settings. Instead, it uses the value returned by the isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl method.

  • System object does not support code generation — Default isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl method returns false, indicating that direct feedthrough is not enabled. To override the default behavior, implement the isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl method in your class definition file.

Use the Nondirect mixin to allow a System object to be used in a Simulink feedback loop. A delay object is an example of a nondirect feedthrough object.

To use this mixin, you must subclass from this class in addition to subclassing from the matlab.System base class. Type the following syntax as the first line of your class definition file, where ObjectName is the name of your object:

classdef ObjectName < matlab.system & matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect

Version History

Introduced in R2013b

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