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na_0033: Enumerated Types Usage

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na_0033: Enumerated Types Usage





MATLAB Versions

R2010b and later




An enumerated data type should be used when a signal or parameter can take on a finite set of integer values, and those values are associated with a set of named items. The names, called literals, have meaning in the context of the algorithm or the domain in which it operates. Typically, these literals represent an operating mode, signal status, build variation, or some other discrete property that the quantity represented by the variable can take on. A typical automotive example of this is the modes of a transmission: Park, Reverse Neutral, Drive, Low.


  • Readability

  • Verification and Validation

  • Workflow

  • Code Generation

  • Simulation

See Also

  • NASA Orion style guideline dm_0002: Enumerated type usage

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