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na_0021: Strings

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na_0021: Strings


Strongly recommended



MATLAB Versions





The use of strings is not recommended. MATLAB® Functions store strings as character arrays. The arrays cannot be re-sized to accommodate a string value of different length, due to lack of dynamic memory allocation. Strings are not a supported data type in Simulink®, so MATLAB Function blocks cannot pass the string data outside the block.

For example, the following code will produce an error:

name='rate_error'; %this creates a 1 x 10 character array
name = 'x_rate_error'; %this causes an error because the array 
size is now 1 x 12, not 1 x 10. 


If the string is being used for switch / case behavior, consider using enumerated data types


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  • Code Generation

See Also

  • NASA Orion style guideline jh_0024: Strings

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Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > MATLAB Functions > Check usage of character vector inside MATLAB Function block

For check details, see Check usage of character vector inside MATLAB Function block.

Introduced in R2013a