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Display or customize build configuration settings.


These parameters only appear when the model is configured to use the toolchain approach, as described in Configure Toolchain or Template Makefile Build Process.

Category: Code Generation


The tools column can include: Assembler, C Compiler, Linker, Shared Library Linker, C++ Compiler, C++ Linker, C++ Shared Library Linker, Archiver, Download, Execute, Make Tool. The options can vary by tool and toolchain and can contain macros. Consult third-party toolchain documentation for more information about options you can use with a specific tool.


To display a table of tools and options for the current build configuration, click Show settings, next to Build configuration.

To create a custom build configuration by editing a table of Tool/Options, set Build configuration to Specify.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: CustomToolchainOptions
Type: character vector
Value: Specify the baseline toolchain settings. Use a new-line-delineated character vector to specify each option and its values.
Default: ''

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