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Code Appearance

Configure parameters that modify identifiers, code style, and comments

Configuring code appearance influences code generation:

  • Reduces potential name collisions for identifiers

  • Lets you select custom reserved words that the code generator does not use in generated identifiers


Configure Code Comments

Configure how the code generator inserts comments into generated code by modifying parameters on the Code Generation > Comments pane.

Include MATLAB Code as Comments in Generated Code

Correlate code generated for a MATLAB Function block with MATLAB® source code.

Construction of Generated Identifiers

For GRT and RSim targets, the code generator automatically constructs identifiers for variables and functions in the generated code.

Identifier Name Collisions and Mangling

In identifier generation, a circumstance that would cause generation of two or more identical identifiers is called a name collision.

Specify Identifier Length to Avoid Naming Collisions

Use the Maximum identifier length parameter to limit the number of characters in function, type definition, and variable names.

Reserved Keywords

If you use the code generator to produce C or C++ code, your model must not contain keywords that are reserved for internal use.

Specify Reserved Names for Generated Identifiers

Specify a set of names that the code generation process should not use.