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Robot Models

Rigid body tree models, forward kinematics, dynamics, joint- and task-space motion models

Robot models simulate the kinematic and dynamic properties of manipulator robots and other rigid body systems. The models are rigidBodyTree objects containing rigidBody and rigidBodyJoint elements with joint transformations and inertial properties.

Access predefined models for certain commercial robots, such as KINOVA™ and KUKA™, using the loadrobot function.

Import existing UDRF or Simscape™ Multibody™ models using importrobot.

Model the motion of the robots using joint- or task-space motion models as jointSpaceMotionModel and taskSpaceMotionModel objects.


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importrobotImport rigid body tree model from URDF, SDF file, text, or Simscape Multibody model
loadrobotLoad rigid body tree robot model
rigidBodyTreeCreate tree-structured robot
rigidBodyCreate a rigid body
rigidBodyJointCreate a joint
interactiveRigidBodyTreeInteract with rigid body tree robot models
jointSpaceMotionModelModel rigid body tree motion given joint-space inputs
taskSpaceMotionModelModel rigid body tree motion given task-space reference inputs
getTransformGet transform between body frames
randomConfigurationGenerate random configuration of robot
homeConfigurationGet home configuration of robot
showShow robot model in figure
centerOfMassCenter of mass position and Jacobian
externalForceCompose external force matrix relative to base
forwardDynamicsJoint accelerations given joint torques and states
geometricJacobianGeometric Jacobian for robot configuration
gravityTorqueJoint torques that compensate gravity
inverseDynamicsRequired joint torques for given motion
massMatrixJoint-space mass matrix
velocityProductJoint torques that cancel velocity-induced forces


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Forward DynamicsJoint accelerations given joint torques and states
Inverse DynamicsRequired joint torques for given motion
Get JacobianGeometric Jacobian for robot configuration
Get TransformGet transform between body frames
Gravity TorqueJoint torques that compensate gravity
Joint Space Mass MatrixJoint-space mass matrix for robot configuration
Velocity Product TorqueJoint torques that cancel velocity-induced forces
Joint Space Motion ModelModel rigid body tree motion given joint-space inputs
Task Space Motion ModelModel rigid body tree motion given task-space inputs



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Robot Dynamics

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