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BLDC Commutation Logic

Switch-commutation logic for brushless DC motors

  • Library:
  • Simscape / Electrical / Control / BLDC Control


The BLDC Commutation Logic block implements a commutation logic for brushless DC motors as part of this control algorithm.

The commutation logic is based on the Hall signals as summarized in this table.

Hall SensorsMotor Phases
Hall aHall bHall cPhase aPhase bPhase c
1 1001-1



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Hall sensor data.

Data Types: single | double

Direction of motor rotation.

Data Types: single | double


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Motor phase indicated by the commutation logic.

Data Types: single | double


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Time, in s, between consecutive block executions. During execution, the block produces outputs and, if appropriate, updates its internal state. For more information, see What Is Sample Time? (Simulink) and Specify Sample Time (Simulink).

If this block is inside a triggered subsystem, inherit the sample time by setting this parameter to -1. If this block is in a continuous variable-step model, specify the sample time explicitly using a positive scalar.


[1] Stirban, A., I. Boldea, and G. D. Andreescu. "Motion-Sensorless Control of BLDC-PM Motor With Offline FEM-Information-Assisted Position and Speed Observer." IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. 48, no. 6 (2012): 1950-1958.

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