Class: simscape.logging.Series
Package: simscape.logging

Plot series values against time


h = plot(series,Name,Value)


h = plot(series,Name,Value) plots the simulation series values along the y-axis, with time along the x-axis. You can filter data being plotted by using the name-value pair arguments. h is a cell array of handles to the resulting figures. series is an object of class simscape.logging.Series. series must include a full identifier path to the series, starting with the workspace log variable name.

For more information, including the descriptions of name-value pair arguments, see the simscape.logging.plot reference page.


Plot velocity of port R of the Translational Spring block, in mm/s:

plot(simlog.Translational_Spring.R.v.series, 'units', 'mm/s')


Use the simscape.logging.plot function.