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Tires and Vehicles

Simple and complex tires, vehicle bodies

Blocks in the Simscape™ Driveline™ Tires and Vehicles library allow you to test the response of your driveline model under various and variable environmental conditions. You can also add fidelity to your model by specifying properties such as compliance, inertia, and rolling resistance for the tires and center of gravity and frontal area for the vehicle body.

Simscape Blocks

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Longitudinal VehicleLongitudinal motion abstract vehicle with ideal brakes and tires
Road ProfileRoad profile with varying elevation and friction properties
Tire (Friction Parameterized)Tire with friction parameterized in terms of static and kinetic coefficients
Tire (Magic Formula)Tire with longitudinal behavior given by Magic Formula coefficients
Tire (Simple)No-slip tire model with minimal parameters
Vehicle BodyTwo-axle vehicle with longitudinal dynamics and motion and adjustable mass, geometry, and drag properties
Rolling ResistanceModel rolling resistance
Tire-Road Interaction (Magic Formula)Tire-road dynamics given by magic formula coefficients


Rotational-Translational Couplings

Couple rotational and translational dynamics.

Complete Vehicle Model

Explore a model that includes an engine, a transmission, and drivetrain-wheel-road coupling.

Control Vehicle Throttle Input Using a Powertrain Blockset Driver

Control a Simscape Driveline vehicle using a Powertrain Blockset™ driver.

Model a Road Profile with Varying Elevation and Friction

Adjust surface grade and frictional properties using a Simscape Driveline Road Profile block.

Featured Examples