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Pressure Intensifier

This example shows how to model, parameterize, and test a pressure intensifier.


The following figure shows a model of the pressure intensifier with a test harness. A fixed displacement pump with a relief valve is used as a power source to the system. The 3-way 2-position valve connects the primary side of the presure intensifier with the power source or the reservoir as per command signal from the valve control. The secondary side of the presure intensifier is connected with the load system via a check valve.

Pressure Intensifier Subsystem

This subsystem shows how the pressure intensifier is modelled. The pressure intensifier boosts the pressure of the primary side to the pressure of the secondary side by the area ratio between the primary side and the secondary side pistons.

Valve Control Subsystem

This subsystem shows an abstraction of a control system for the solenoid operated 3-way 2-position directional control valve. The control system senses the position of the pressure intensifier spool and signals the directional control valve to move to the A-T open or the P-A open position.

When the directional control valve is signaled to the A-T position, the primary side's fluid goes to the tank and the secondary side is connected to the pump. And, when the directional valve is signaled to the P-A position, the primary side is connected to the pump and the secondary side starts filling the load.

Load System Subsystem

This subsystem shows how the load system is modelled.

Simulation Results from Simscape™ Logging

This model generates a plot between the time and the generated pressures at the primary side, the secondary side, and at the load.