Share the Deployable Archive

After you create the deployable archive, share it with clients of MATLAB® Production Server™ by copying it to your server, for hosting. For information on how to create a deployable archive, see Package Deployable Archives with Production Server Compiler App and Package Deployable Archives from Command Line.

In order to share the deployable archive, a server must be created and started.

  1. Locate your deployable archive in the for_redistribution_files_only folder of your compiler project folder.

    It is named project_name.ctf.

  2. Copy project_name.ctf to the \server_name\auto_deploy folder in your server instance.

    For example, if your server is named prod_server_1 and located in C:\tmp, copy project_name.ctf to C:\tmp\prod_server_1\auto_deploy.

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