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Severity at which messages are logged


--log-severity level


log-severity specifies the level of detail at which to add information to the main log.



Severity threshold at which messages are logged. Valid values are:

  • error — Notification of problems or unexpected results.

  • warning — Events that could lead to problems if not addressed.

  • information — High-level information about major server events.

  • trace — Detailed information about the internal state of the server.

The levels are cumulative; specifying information implies warning and error.


  • For on-premises server instances created using the command line, update this server configuration property in the main_config server configuration file.

  • For on-premises server instances created using the dashboard and for server deployments in the cloud, use the dashboard and cloud dashboard, respectively, to update the server configuration property.

Configure Using Command Line

Enable All Log Messages

In the main_config file, set the log-severity property to the following:

--log-severity trace

Configure Using Dashboard

Enable All Log Messages

In the dashboard, in the Settings tab of your server instance, under Logging, select the following for the Log Severity property:


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