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Webcam Acquisition Overview

Webcam Support

You can use MATLAB® webcam support to bring live images from any USB Video Class (UVC) compliant webcam into MATLAB. This includes webcams that may be built into laptops or other devices, as well as webcams that plug into your computer via a USB port.

Using MATLAB functions, you can detect connected webcams, acquire individual snapshots from a webcam, and optionally set up a loop for acquiring images. Use the webcamlist function to detect the connected webcams. The webcam function creates the object that is used to acquire images. And the snapshot function returns a single image from the camera. You can also preview your image and set properties for the image.

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In desktop versions of MATLAB, webcam support is available through the MATLAB Support Package for USB Webcams. For instructions, see Install the MATLAB Support Package for USB Webcams. Webcams are also supported in MATLAB Online™. For more information, see Webcam Support in MATLAB Online.

Supported Platforms

You can use MATLAB webcam support on these platforms:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 64-bit

  • Mac OS X 64-bit

  • Linux®

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