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Troubleshooting in MATLAB Support Package for USB Webcams

Troubleshooting Connection Issues for USB Webcams


Creating a connection to a Webcam using the webcam object may result in a connection error.


  1. Ensure the Webcam is UVC compliant by checking its user manual.

  2. Ensure MATLAB® is allowed to access the Webcam by enabling the following settings depending on your operating system:

    • Windows- Click Start> Settings> Privacy> Camera and select Allow desktop apps to access your camera.

    • Mac- Click System Preference> Security & Privacy. Search for Camera and select MATLAB.

    • Linux- No selection is required. Webcam access is allowed by default.

Troubleshooting the Tilt and Pan Properties of USB Webcams


The tilt and pan property value adjustments are not visible in a zoomed out webcam video preview.


The tilt and pan property adjustments are not visible in the Webcam preview when completely zoomed out. Zoom in to view the effects.