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Set use of multifile driver




H5P.set_fapl_multi(fapl_id,relax) sets the file access property list, fapl_id, to access HDF5 files created with the multi-driver with default values provided by the HDF5 library. relax is a Boolean value that allows read-only access to incomplete file sets when set to 1.

H5P.set_fapl_multi(fapl_id,memb_map,memb_fapl,memb_name,memb_addr,relax) sets the file access property list to use the multifile driver. memb_map maps memory usage types to other memory usage types. memb_fapl contains a property list for each memory usage type. memb_name is a name generator for names of member files. memb_addr specifies the offsets within the virtual address space at which each type of data storage begins.