Value of specified property in property list


value = H5P.get(plist_id,name)


value = H5P.get(plist_id,name) retrieves a copy of the value of the property specified by name in the property list specified by plist_id. Specify name as a character vector or string scalar. The H5P.get function returns the property as an array of uint8 values. You might need to cast the value to an appropriate data type to get a meaningful result.


plist = H5P.create('H5P_FILE_ACCESS');
val = H5P.get(plist, 'rdcc_w0');
rdcc_w0 = typecast(val,'double');

It is recommended to use alternative functions like H5P.get_chunk, H5P.get_layout, H5P.get_size etc., where available, to get values for the common property names.

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