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Create attribute


attr_id = H5A.create(loc_id,name,type_id,space_id,acpl_id)
attr_id = H5A.create(loc_id,name,type_id,space_id,acpl_id,aapl_id)


attr_id = H5A.create(loc_id,name,type_id,space_id,acpl_id) creates the attribute name that is attached to the object specified by loc_id. loc_id is a group, dataset, or named datatype identifier. The datatype and dataspace identifiers of the attribute, type_id and space_id, respectively, are created with the H5T and H5S interfaces. The attribute property list, acpl_id, is currently unused and should be set to 'H5P_DEFAULT'. This interface corresponds to the 1.6.x version of H5Acreate.

attr_id = H5A.create(loc_id,name,type_id,space_id,acpl_id,aapl_id) creates the attribute with the additional attribute access property list identifier aapl_id. aapl_id should currently be set to 'H5P_DEFAULT'. This interface corresponds to the 1.8.x version of H5Acreate.


acpl_id = H5P.create('H5P_ATTRIBUTE_CREATE');
type_id = H5T.copy('H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE');
space_id = H5S.create('H5S_SCALAR');
fid = H5F.create('myfile.h5');
attr_id = H5A.create(fid,'my_attr',type_id,space_id,acpl_id);