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Rename file on FTP server





rename(ftpobj,oldname,newname) changes the name of the file oldname to newname in the current folder on the FTP server associated with ftpobj.


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Connect to an FTP server and rename a file on the server. This example shows a hypothetical FTP session on, a machine that does not exist. If you have an account on an FTP server that grants you permission to upload or change files on that server, then you can use the rename function as shown in this example.

First, connect to the server.

ftpobj = ftp('')
ftpobj = 

  FTP Object
     user: anonymous
      dir: /
     mode: binary

Display the contents of the current folder on the FTP server.

myscript.m                  README.txt                pub    

Rename a file on the FTP server.


Display the updated contents on the FTP server, including the renamed file.

INTRO.txt                  myscript.m                pub

Input Arguments

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Connection to an FTP server, specified as an FTP object.

Original name of the file on the FTP server, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

New name of the file on the FTP server, specified as a character vector or string scalar.


  • The rename function only renames files on an FTP server. To rename files on your local machine, use the movefile function.

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Introduced before R2006a