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Access Files in Your MATLAB Drive

MATLAB® Drive™ operates like any other folder, with the significant advantage that files can be synced with any other MATLAB Drive folder, such as files in MATLAB Drive online or files on another computer that uses MATLAB Drive Connector.

Access Files in MATLAB Drive Folder

You can access your MATLAB Drive files and folders from MATLAB and your system file browser.

Open MATLAB Drive Folder

To open your MATLAB Drive folder in Windows® File Explorer or macOS Finder, click the MATLAB Drive icon . Alternatively, you can click the MATLAB Drive folder button in MATLAB Drive Connector.

To open your MATLAB Drive folder in MATLAB, in the Current Folder browser, select the MATLAB Drive folder. You also can click the MATLAB Drive button on the Current Folder toolbar. Clicking the MATLAB Drive button in the Current Folder toolbar also starts MATLAB Drive Connector if it is installed but not running.

If the MATLAB Drive button is not on the Current Folder toolbar, you can add it by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting Customize. In the MATLAB Toolbar Preferences Controls section, select the check box for the MATLAB Drive control and click OK. MATLAB adds the button to the toolbar.

Edit Files

When you edit a file in the MATLAB Drive folder, you are editing a local copy of the file. MATLAB Drive updates the files on the cloud with the changes you make locally. Because MATLAB Drive stores a local copy of files on each computer that has MATLAB Drive Connector installed, you can access these files when offline or when syncing is paused. File syncing resumes when MATLAB Drive Connector is running and an internet connection is available, or when syncing is resumed.

Access Files in MATLAB Drive Online

You also can access your files and folders in MATLAB Drive online. To open MATLAB Drive online, in your web browser, navigate to MATLAB Drive and sign in with your MathWorks® credentials. You also can open MATLAB Drive online from within the Connector by clicking the MATLAB Drive online button. If you attempt to navigate to a file or folder that does not exist, either by directly editing the URL or navigating with a saved bookmark, you are returned to the root folder of your MATLAB Drive.

View and Open Files

In MATLAB Drive online, you can view your MATLAB Drive files including MATLAB code files, text files, image files, and audio files. To view a file, double-click it or select the file and then click the View button. If the file you want to view is too large or has a file type that is not supported for viewing online, MATLAB Drive online prompts you to download the file.

You also can open MATLAB code files including live scripts in MATLAB Online™ from MATLAB Drive online. To open a file, select it and then click the Open button. You must have a valid MATLAB license to open files in MATLAB Online.

Download Files and Folders

To download a file or folder from MATLAB Drive online to your desktop, select the file or folder and then click the Download button. MATLAB Drive online saves the file or folder in your system's default downloads folder. To download multiple files at once, select the files that you want to download and then click the Download button. Downloading multiple folders or a combination of files and folders at once is not supported.

When you download a folder, MATLAB Drive online saves it as a zip file. If you attempt to download a large folder and the download fails, reduce the size of the folder and then try again.

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