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File Access Properties

Control file I/O and structure


H5P.get_alignmentRetrieve alignment properties
H5P.get_driverLow-level file driver
H5P.get_family_offsetOffset for family file driver
H5P.get_fapl_coreInformation about core file driver properties
H5P.get_fapl_familyFile access property list information
H5P.get_fapl_multiInformation about multifile access property list
H5P.get_fclose_degreeFile close degree
H5P.get_libver_boundsLibrary version bounds settings
H5P.get_gc_referencesGarbage collection references setting
H5P.get_mdc_configMetadata cache configuration
H5P.get_meta_block_sizeMetadata block size setting
H5P.get_multi_typeType of data property for MULTI driver
H5P.get_sieve_buf_sizeMaximum data sieve buffer size
H5P.get_small_data_block_sizeSmall data block size setting
H5P.set_alignmentSet alignment properties for file access property list
H5P.set_family_offsetSet offset property for family of files
H5P.set_fapl_coreModify file access to use H5FD_CORE driver
H5P.set_fapl_familySet file access to use family driver
H5P.set_fapl_logSet use of logging driver
H5P.set_fapl_multiSet use of multifile driver
H5P.set_fapl_sec2Set file access for sec2 driver
H5P.set_fapl_splitSet file access for emulation of split file driver
H5P.set_fapl_stdioSet file access for standard I/O driver
H5P.set_fclose_degreeSet file access for file close degree
H5P.set_gc_referencesSet garbage collection references flag
H5P.set_libver_boundsSet library version bounds for objects
H5P.set_mdc_configSet initial metadata cache configuration
H5P.set_meta_block_sizeSet minimum metadata block size
H5P.set_multi_typeSpecify type of data accessed with MULTI driver
H5P.set_sieve_buf_sizeSet maximum size of data sieve buffer
H5P.set_small_data_block_sizeSet size of block reserved for small data