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Dataset Creation Properties

Determine filter, space allocation, fill value properties


H5P.all_filters_availDetermine availability of all filters
H5P.fill_value_definedDetermine if fill value is defined
H5P.get_alloc_timeReturn timing of storage space allocation
H5P.get_chunkReturn size of chunks
H5P.get_externalReturn information about external file
H5P.get_external_countReturn count of external files
H5P.get_fill_timeReturn time when fill values are written to dataset
H5P.get_fill_valueReturn dataset fill value
H5P.get_filterReturn information about filter in pipeline
H5P.get_filter_by_idReturn information about specified filter
H5P.get_layoutDetermine layout of raw data for dataset
H5P.get_nfiltersReturn number of filters in pipeline
H5P.modify_filterModify filter in pipeline
H5P.remove_filterRemove filter from property list
H5P.set_alloc_timeSet timing for storage space allocation
H5P.set_chunkSet chunk size
H5P.set_deflateSet compression method and compression level
H5P.set_externalAdd additional file to external file list
H5P.set_fill_timeSet time when fill values are written to dataset
H5P.set_fill_valueSet fill value for dataset creation property list
H5P.set_filterAdd filter to filter pipeline
H5P.set_fletcher32Set Fletcher32 checksum filter in dataset creation
H5P.set_layoutSet type of storage for dataset
H5P.set_nbitSet N-Bit filter
H5P.set_scaleoffsetSet Scale-Offset filter
H5P.set_shuffleSet shuffle filter