Basemaps in Geographic Axes and Charts

Geographic axes and charts provide spatial context for your data by plotting over an interactive, multi-resolution map. MathWorks® offers a selection of maps, called basemaps, for use with geographic charting functions. The basemaps provide a variety of map options, including two-tone, color terrain, high-zoom-level street, and high-zoom-level topographic displays. Six of the maps are tiled data sets that MathWorks derives from public domain data. Five of the basemaps are high-zoom-level maps hosted by Esri®. For more information about basemap options, see the Basemap argument in geobasemap.

To specify a basemap for your geographic axes or chart, do one of the following:

  • Use the geobasemap function.

  • Set the Basemap property of the GeographicAxes or GeographicBubbleChart object.

This illustration is a geographic bubble chart displaying the 'colorterrain' basemap.

MATLAB® includes one installed basemap, a two-tone map named 'darkwater'. Use of this basemap does not require Internet access. Use of the other basemaps, including the default basemap 'streets-light', does require Internet access. If you do not have reliable access to the Internet, or want to improve map responsiveness, you can download a selection of the basemaps onto your local system. The five high-zoom-level basemaps hosted by Esri are not available for download. For more about downloading basemaps and changing the default basemap on your local system, see Access Basemaps in MATLAB.

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