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ASCII and Binary Tables

Create and get information about ASCII and binary tables


createTblCreate new ASCII or binary table extension
insertColInsert column into table
insertRowsInsert rows into table
insertATblInsert ASCII table after current HDU
insertBTblInsert binary table after current HDU
deleteColDelete column from table
deleteRowsDelete rows from table
getAColParmsASCII table information
getBColParmsBinary table information
getColNameTable column name
getColTypeScaled column data type, repeat value, width
getEqColTypeColumn data type, repeat value, width
getNumColsNumber of columns in table
getNumRowsNumber of rows in table
readATblHdrRead header information from current ASCII table
readBTblHdrRead header information from current binary table
readColRead rows of ASCII or binary table column
setTscaleReset image scaling
writeColWrite elements into ASCII or binary table column