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MATLAB Licensing in the Cloud

Configure your online license or network manager license for MATLAB® running on the cloud

These topics show you how to configure your MATLAB license for use in the cloud.


Before You Begin

Review requirements for configuring your license for use with MATLAB running on the cloud.

Select License Configuration Option

Select the license configuring option that is right for your role and license type.

License Manager Configuration in the Cloud

Configure License Manager on Same Machine as MATLAB

Configure the license manager for use on the same machine as MATLAB.

Configure License Manager on Separate Virtual Machine

Configure the license manager for use on a separate virtual machine.

Use Existing On-Premises License Manager With MATLAB Running on the Cloud

Configure your current license server to use MATLAB running on the cloud.

Licensing Configuration in Containers

Configure MathWorks Licensing in Containers

Set up online and network licenses for running MathWorks® products in your container.