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Options for saving code profiling measurement and analysis data.

Category: Code Generation > Verification


Default: Summary data only

Summary data only

Save only code profiling summary data to a coder.profile.ExecutionTime object in the base workspace. Use this option to limit the amount of data that the software saves to the base workspace. For example, if you are concerned that your computer might not have enough memory to store the time measurements for a long simulation. The software calculates metrics for the code execution report as the simulation proceeds, without saving raw data to memory. To view these metrics, use the coder.profile.ExecutionTime report method.

Selecting this value disables the streaming of execution times to the Simulation Data Inspector during simulations.

All data

Save the code profiling measurement and analysis data to a coder.profile.ExecutionTime object in the base workspace. In addition to viewing the code execution report, this option allows you to analyze data using the coder.profile.ExecutionTime and coder.profile.ExecutionTimeSection methods.

Metrics only

During the simulation, store only these profiling metrics on the target hardware:

  • Maximum execution time of code section

  • Average execution time of code section

  • Number of calls to code section

At the end of the simulation, Simulink® uploads the stored metrics from the target hardware to your development computer.

The storage of profiling data on the target hardware during the simulation reduces bandwidth usage for the communication channel between Simulink and the target application.

This option does not support overhead filtering.


You can only specify this parameter if you select the Measure task execution time check box. Otherwise the field appears dimmed.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: CodeProfilingSaveOptions
Type: character vector
Value: 'SummaryOnly' | 'AllData' | 'MetricsOnly'
Default: 'SummaryOnly'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingAll data
TraceabilityAll data
EfficiencySummary data only
Safety precautionNo impact

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