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Inspect and Analyze Models in Simulink

The Simulink® environment provides model-level visualization tools that can probe your system at any connection. Use these tools to stream, record, and analyze signals in your model. To open a model-level visualization tool, choose one of the following options:

  • Simulation Data Inspector

  • Logic Analyzer (requires DSP System Toolbox™)

  • Bird's-Eye Scope (requires Automated Driving Toolbox™)

The toolbar displays only the most recently chosen visualization tool. To open the tool not displayed, click the arrow next to the button and select the tool from the menu.

Choose a Visualization Tool

  • Use the Simulation Data Inspector to compare variable-step data, fixed-step solver data from Simulink and Simulink Coder™, and fixed-step output with external data. For more information, see Simulation Data Inspector.

  • Use the Logic Analyzer to visualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time.

  • Use the Bird's-Eye Scope to visualize and analyze sensor coverages, detections, and tracks.