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MathWorks.MATLAB.NET.Utility Namespace
MathWorks.MATLAB.NET.Utility Namespace
Public classImages
Image Utility class used when converting RGB data from MATLAB into a .NET System.Drawing.Image object.
Public classLOGFILEAttribute
The LOGFILEAttribute attribute represents an MATLAB Runtime option that allows users to pass the name of the logfile that will catch the output displayed by MATLAB Runtime.
Public classMATLABSignature
Embed MATLAB function signature information in assembly.
Public classMCRVersion
Tag an assembly with the version of the MATLAB Runtime that it requires.
Public classMWCTFStreamReader
MWCTFStreamReader is an internal utility class that reads CTF bytes from stream.
Public classMWException
MWException is an internal utility class that allows the user to get the stack trace of M-Code.
Public classMWMCR
The MWMCR (MATLAB Runtime) class is a stateless component that wraps an unmanaged mcrInstance and provides a managed API for instantiating, initializing, and terminating the MATLAB Runtime.
Public classMWMCROptionAttribute
The MWMCROptionAttribute attribute represents an MATLAB Runtime option. This is for internal use only.
Public classNativeGCAttribute
The NativeGCAttribute class defines a custom assembly attribute that keeps track of the native heap allocations for instances of the MWArray classes. When the specified or default memory allocation has been reached, the appropriate add/remove memory pressure method is called.
Public classNOJVMAttribute
The NOJVMAttribute attribute represents an MATLAB Runtime option that allows users to launch MATLAB Runtime without the JAVA Virtual Machine support.