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Troubleshooting in MATLAB Compiler SDK

C/C++ Shared Libraries

Compilation Failures

You typically compile your MATLAB® code on a development machine, test the resulting executable on that machine, and deploy the executable and MATLAB Runtime to a test or customer machine without MATLAB.

Testing Failures

After you have successfully compiled your application, the next step is to test it on a development machine and deploy it on a target machine.

Application Deployment Failures

After the application is working on the test machine, failures can be isolated in end-user deployment.

.NET Assemblies

Error Handling and Resource Management

Handle errors generated by MATLAB and manage resources explicitly.

Failure to Find MATLAB Runtime Files

View solutions to problems when files cannot be found.

Failure to Find MATLAB Classes

Solutions to problems when classes cannot be found

Diagnostic Messages

Diagnostic messages with suggestions about their cause

Java Packages

Common MATLAB Compiler SDK Error Messages

Common MATLAB Compiler SDK™ error messages and associated workarounds.

Excel Add-Ins Deployed to MATLAB Production Server

XLA File Not Generated

Solution to .xla file not being generated.

Server Configuration Add-in Not Enabled

Solution to enable Server Configuration add-in.

Error Using a Variable Number of Outputs

Solution to support variable number of outputs.