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Vary Probability Error for Multi-Channel Binary Symmetric Channel

Pass a multi-channel random signal through a binary symmetric channel. For a specified error probability, compare the error rate comparing the Err port output for each channel.

Use the Open model button to open the slex_multichannel_bcs_err model.

Set different BSC error probabilities for the individual channels of a multi-channel signal by defining the Error probability as a row vector set to [ 0.02 0.04 0.07 ].

The Err port for the Binary Symmetric Channel is a binary matrix whose dimensions matches the input signal. Err contains the error results for each channel. Sum the elements of each column output in Err individually to get the total number of errors introduced per channel. Dividing each total by the total number of samples sent per channel yields the bit error rate for each channel.

BER for channel 1: 2.02960e-02
BER for channel 1: 3.97430e-02
BER for channel 1: 7.00090e-02

The computed BERs are approximately equal to the probabilities set in the Error probability parameter.