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getancestors (biograph)

(Removed) Find ancestors of a node in biograph object

The function has been removed. Use predecessors instead. Note that the function does not let you specify NumGenerations. You can use distances to find the distances from all nodes to the target node after setting the edge weight to 1, and filter the nodes by distance to the appropriate depth.


Node = getancestors(BiographNode)
Node = getancestors(BiographNode, NumGenerations)



Node in a biograph object.


Number of generations. Enter a positive integer.


Node = getancestors(BiographNode) returns a node (BiographNode) and all of its direct ancestors.

Node = getancestors(BiographNode, NumGenerations) finds the node (BiographNode) and its direct ancestors up to a specified number of generations (NumGenerations). If NumGenerations is 0, the function returns the node itself.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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